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Warning Signs of a Heart Attack and Stroke

It’s important to catch potential heart attacks and strokes as soon as possible. Below are some indicators that together or separately warn of these medical emergencies. Heart Attack Chest Discomfort: Pressure, squeezing, fullness, or pain in the center of your chest that lasts for several minutes and occurs intermittently Upper Body Discomfort: Could occur anywhere […]

Holocaust Reparations Can Be Protected from Medicaid

As part of our Elder Law practice, we know things that others don’t. Here’s some important information: Holocaust Reparations and Medicaid You may already know that your assets and income are a big factor in the Medicaid you receive. Almost any money you have can be taken by Medicaid. However, Holocaust reparations are often exempt […]

Important Reminder: POAs for College-Age Kids

My clients all know how much I stress the importance of everyone having a Power of Attorney (POA), even children once they turn 18. This is especially important now that it is time for incoming freshmen to start their first semester of college. What many parents do not realize is that once a child turns […]

Noise Complaints

Nearly everyone has had to put up with a neighbor’s noisy party or the dog down the street that never stops barking. Although situations like these may seem inevitable, there is something you can do about them when they arise. At a state-wide level, the Noise Control Act and Noise Control Regulations govern commercial and […]

Consequences of Becoming an Uber Driver

Due to the rise in popularity of Uber and other private taxi-like companies, many people see becoming a driver as an easy way to make extra money. Driving for Uber can have significant consequences. Below is a summary of potential liability issues, and a possible alternative for your consideration. Uber Liability Issues: Personal car insurance […]

Lost Your Paper Treasury Bonds?

If you misplace your paper Series EE US Treasury Bonds, the Treasury can replace the bond with a substitute electronic version. You can request this by completing and submitting Form PDF 1048 to the Treasury. Note that if you do not know the serial numbers of the missing bonds, you will have to provide the […]

Beware of Hidden Medical Expenses

Before surgery, many patients mindlessly sign consent forms upon consent forms. As we have seen time and time again, when patients are in need of surgery, many are not in a good position to bargain or “shop around.” This vulnerability, however, makes such patients susceptible to surprise medical fees. In an article posted by The New […]

Guest Post: Ways to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

A friend and colleague, Tim Watters, posted an article on his website about the very serious issue of identity theft, and what to do to protect yourself. I am reposting with his permission. Over the past year, I have had a number of clients have identity theft incidents. Clients have had collection agencies contact them about  outstanding […]

“ICE” (In Case of Emergency) Advice

Old School: My clients know that I recommend keeping a card with you at all times that contains all your important personal and medical information in case of emergency. EMTs and paramedics are trained to look for emergency cards in the following places: 1 – Automobile – Glove Compartment 2 – Pedestrians – Wallet or Purse […]

Did You Know? 401(k) Loans

Generally, loans taken from 401(k) plans must be repaid within five (5) years in “substantially level payments,” including principal and interest, at least quarterly. Loan repayments may be suspended for a one (1) year leave of absence, but the loan must still be repaid within the original five (5) year period. If the loan was […]


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