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Learn About the Nation’s Oldest Medal of Honor Recipient: Nicholas Oresko

We at the Paton Law Firm, LLC. are grateful to all our veterans because we know that we owe our freedom to all these brave men and women and their families. Kimberly learned about Nicholas Oresko who was a special veteran and wanted to highlight him. Nicholas Oresko was a Bergen County resident, and he […]

Dementia and Driving Liability

It is natural for a person to go through certain physical and psychological changes as part of the aging process. This can include worsening eyesight, slowed reaction time, poor night vision, and in some cases a decline in cognitive ability. As you notice these changes in your loved ones as they age, you may become […]

Noise Complaints

Nearly everyone has had to put up with a neighbor’s noisy party or the dog down the street that never stops barking. Although situations like these may seem inevitable, there is something you can do about them when they arise. At a state-wide level, the Noise Control Act and Noise Control Regulations govern commercial and […]

Consequences of Becoming an Uber Driver

Due to the rise in popularity of Uber and other private taxi-like companies, many people see becoming a driver as an easy way to make extra money. Driving for Uber can have significant consequences. Below is a summary of potential liability issues, and a possible alternative for your consideration. Uber Liability Issues: Personal car insurance […]

Lost Your Paper Treasury Bonds?

If you misplace your paper Series EE US Treasury Bonds, the Treasury can replace the bond with a substitute electronic version. You can request this by completing and submitting Form PDF 1048 to the Treasury. Note that if you do not know the serial numbers of the missing bonds, you will have to provide the […]

Beware of Hidden Medical Expenses

Before surgery, many patients mindlessly sign consent forms upon consent forms. As we have seen time and time again, when patients are in need of surgery, many are not in a good position to bargain or “shop around.” This vulnerability, however, makes such patients susceptible to surprise medical fees. In an article posted by The New […]

Guest Post: Ways to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

A friend and colleague, Tim Watters, posted an article on his website about the very serious issue of identity theft, and what to do to protect yourself. I am reposting with his permission. Over the past year, I have had a number of clients have identity theft incidents. Clients have had collection agencies contact them about  outstanding […]

Is It Legal to Record Conversations?

Both NY and NJ are “One Party Consent States,” meaning that as long as you have the consent of one person who is party to a communication (or if you yourself are party to the communication), it is legal for you to record (or “intercept”) said communication. However, NJ specifies that just because you own […]

Medicaid Eligibility for Green Card Holders (a.k.a. “Permanent Residents”)

Requirements are different for certain special categories of permanent residents (“PRs”) (e.g., asylee, refugee, etc.), but assumes the person does not fall into one of those categories, and that he/she received their Green Card after August 22, 1996. There are two types of Medicaid: Emergency Medicaid and Full-Scope Medicaid. Emergency—PRs qualify as long as they […]

IRS Subpoenas and Summons—What to do?

The IRS is getting much more aggressive in seeking and collecting monies that may be owed. A number of my clients have received summons from the IRS. The IRS does have the power to issue administrative summons to taxpayers, oftentimes requiring them to produce papers, books, or other documents, and requiring them to appear before […]


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