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KIMBERLY A. PATON, ESQ–Sole Member of the Firm–Kimberly has been practicing law in Paramus, NJ for over 30 years. She has clients in Bergen, Passaic and Essex Counties in New Jersey and also in New York. Kimberly is a graduate of NYU and New York Law School and is licensed in New Jersey, New York and the U.S. District Court of New Jersey since 1986. She has a wide variety of experience in various legal areas, however, Kimberly prefers and concentrates on “Trusts & Estates, and Elder Law” which include Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney (POA), Trusts, VA Benefits, Medicaid Benefits, Asset Preservation and Estate Administration and Guardianships. With proper planning Ms. Paton can avoid difficulties and problems for her clients. For example, with a broad and flexible POA, we can avoid the need for a Guardianship. Ms. Paton handles Guardianships, but these are expensive and time consuming. Kimberly’s background in real estate, business law, and employment matters enhances her ability to represent clients in the Trust and Estate areas. Ms. Paton knows that small businesses generally have Buy-Sell Agreements in place that affect a person’s ability to sell or provides the process after a death. Kimberly is familiar with this because she handles this as part of the corporate area. Kimberly brings a rich history of legal knowledge. She also encourages her staff to learn more about their own primary areas and allows for staff to take time for seminars and other studies to become even more proficient in their areas. Everyone is also cross trained in other areas of the practice to promote stability in the firm and to allow any staff member to help a client.


ERIN C. LEWIS, ESQ.—Attorney in charge of the Trust and Estate Administration and Guardianship–We are happy that Erin joined our firm this year. Ms. Lewis is a graduate of Florida Coastal School of Law after attending Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania and is licensed in New Jersey. She is a member of the Bergen County Bar Association and Women Lawyers in Bergen County. Erin works on simple and complicated estates and trusts from the beginning to the end (formally closing the Estate and/or Trust) and all of the details in between. This includes assisting the client in marshalling all assets and debts/expenses, paying bills, filing death tax returns, paying any death taxes, transferring real estate (including timeshares) and distributing the appropriate shares to the beneficiaries, after everything is approved and the Consents are signed. The Consents protect the Executor and/or Trustee. Erin can also handle Estates for people who died without a Will or if the Will was faulty. Erin’s intellect, follow through and perseverance are a perfect fit for The Paton Law Firm because she “gets it done”. Erin is also in charge of our Guardianship Department. We actively try to have every client have a Power of Attorney to avoid the need for a Guardianship, however, there are times that we cannot, for example, special needs children or the elderly who have lost capacity. When necessary or appropriate, we apply for a Guardianship through the Courts.   


LISA GRAF– Office Manager/Real Estate Department/Corporate Department.–Lisa is in charge of managing the office. As Office Manager, Lisa makes sure that the office runs smoothly and work is flowing as evenly as possible. There are times that one area of practice has much more work than others and Lisa can even out the workloads to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Lisa has been with the firm since it started in 2007 and was the only employee at that time. Therefore she learned the practice from the ground up and is Kimberly’s “right hand”. Lisa can troubleshoot any issue in the office that may affect productivity; she can address client matters and help clients in all areas; she can cover for any staff member who is out on vacation, taking a sick day or other emergency so that there are few interruptions for clients. Lisa is also a wiz at making the office equipment work when the equipment gets testy. Lisa works with Kimberly on handling all of our Real Estate Transactions (including purchases, sales, refinances and leases); and filing all corporate documents to create For-Profit and Not-For-Profit organizations, obtaining 501 c3 status for clients, Corporate re-organizations, creating Operating Agreements. Ms. Paton relies on Lisa’s knowledge and good judgment in protecting the clients, staff and firm.  


PAM GUY–Administrative Assistant for Estate Planning/Head of Marketing–Pam is our most recent hire and handles a variety of matters, including serving as an administrative assistant in the Estate Planning Department. She works with Kimberly and Jackie to handle all of the paperwork that is involved in this department. Pam is also our head of Marketing and Social Media. You have probably noticed more Social Media content coming from our office. This is thanks to Pam. Everyone knows that is it not enough to do good work, we must also “toot our own horn”. This does not come naturally to Kimberly who was raised to be humble and let the work speak for itself. In fact, in the beginning of Kimberly’s career, there were prohibitions about lawyers advertising. Kimberly (being a baby boomer) was also not raised with Social Media so the whole concept is “Greek” to Kimberly. Pam is the perfect person for this job, she has extensive experience with Marketing and Social Media and has expanded the number of Social Media platforms to include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Follow us on all of these. The Estate Planning Department is very busy and needs Pam’s support; and, as everyone knows, marketing is necessary for any business.  


DEBBIE KRUMPFER–Front Desk Administrative Assistant/Receptionist –Debbie is Kimberly’s left hand (remember that Lisa is Kimberly’s right hand). Debbie is generally the first person you will meet or talk to when you contact the firm. She keeps Kimberly’s calendar; and as Kimberly’s direct assistant, she keeps Kimberly on time for appointments and makes sure that Kimberly (who loves to talk and learn more about each client) wraps up meetings in a timely fashion. It’s not uncommon to see Debbie tapping her wrist to remind Kimberly that she has another appointment coming in. Debbie is also the person who will call clients to remind them that they are scheduled for an appointment the following day and will take down any revisions that clients have and make sure that Jackie is aware of these so that the meeting will be most efficient. Clients will then come in, confirm their understanding of the documents with Kimberly and sign. There is no waiting for typographical errors to be corrected or for simple changes that the client wanted. Debbie works with Kimberly on the logistics of signing, witnessing and notarizing the documents and preparing Certified True Copies for the clients. On occasion a client will need an “immediate” copy of their Power of Attorney and Debbie can get this to the client, even if Kimberly cannot take the call.

COLLEGE INTERNS/SUMMER ASSISTANTS–The Paton Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to helping the next generation decide if law is right for them. Kimberly loves being an attorney, however, she recognizes that many people don’t understand what the legal world is all about and has frequently commented that “you should love what you do, if you don’t love the law, you will be miserable as a lawyer”. There are misconceptions perpetrated by media. Therefore, Kimberly frequently employs interns who think that they want to become attorneys in private practice. This is mutually beneficial because the interns will learn if this is something that they want to do or don’t want to do. These interns bring an energy and awareness to The Paton Law Firm that keeps us fresh and aware of new innovations and priorities of the younger generations so that the firm can react and address these. For a similar reason, we also hire summer assistants (in College and High School) who help handle certain clerical matters to clean those up and allow the full-time staff to focus on more substantive matters. They too bring knowledge about changing trends, computer skills. Sapna is our 2018-2019 College Assistant.

IMMACULATE HEART SCHOLARSHIP (IHA) INTERN In Memory of Joe Amen (Kimberly’s late husband)–2019 will mark the inaugural IHA Intern at The Paton Law Firm. Kimberly’s daughter, Marissa Amen, graduated from IHA in 2018. Kimberly designed this $1,000.00 scholarship in memory of her late husband, Joe Amen, and to help a High School Graduate from IHA understand the legal practice to help them get a step up in deciding if law school is in their future. This scholarship is offered to an IHA graduate who has an interest in Law or Government and comes with a Paid Summer Internship at The Paton Law Firm. If you know of a Senior at IHA who is interested in Law or Government, please tell them to talk to their Guidance Counselor.


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