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Skilled Lawyer Provides Legal Assistance with Business Contracts in NJ

Dedicated law firm in Fair Lawn offers over 30 years of business law experience

Business entities rely on contracts to handle internal functions, limit legal liability and conduct transactions with outside parties. Whatever the particular agreement entails, careful wording is crucial to protect the company’s best interests. In northern New Jersey, business owners turn to The Paton Law Firm LLC in Fair Lawn. Since 1987, I have been reviewing and drafting business contracts, as well as pursuing remedies for breach of contract. Commercial clients trust my law firm’s reputation for meticulous business contract services.

Accomplished attorney reviews, drafts and advises on business contracts

When another entity proffers a contract, it’s essential to have an attorney thoroughly review it. My law firm offers comprehensive contract review services that will help you make sound choices regarding risk management and other concerns I perform a deep analysis designed to ferret out loopholes and identify potentially beneficial modifications. I will also ensure that each party’s rights, responsibilities and obligations are clearly specified, and offer an informed perspective on whether clauses, provisions and timelines are reasonable.

Companies throughout the region also rely on my law firm for contract drafting services. Any sort of contractual relationship can pose the potential for liability. I draft contracts with an eye toward minimizing risk, eliminating ambiguity and addressing contingencies that might reasonably be expected to arise during the life of the contract. Furthermore, I am committed to educating clients about their contracts, ensuring they fully understand each clause and provision prior to signing.

Reliable law firm handles all types of business contracts

My business law practice delivers comprehensive counsel pertaining to all types of business contracts, including:

  • Buy/sell agreements —. Frequently, new or established businesses where ownership is shared look to establish buy/sell agreements. These documents set forth what should happen to an owner’s stake if he or she decides to leave the business. For example, the other owner might have a right to purchase departing owner’s share at a price set by an expert appraiser.
  • Merger and acquisition documents — When two companies seek to merge into one entity or when one business seeks to acquire all or part of another, my firm offers knowledgeable guidance. These transactions can be effectuated through entity, asset or stock purchase agreements.
  • Partnership and franchise agreements — Contracts that detail the obligations and responsibilities of parties who are in business together, either as partners or in a franchisor-franchisee arrangement.
  • Employment and nondisclosure contracts — Through well-crafted documents, you can manage critical aspects of the employer-employee relationship, such as job duration, compensation, grounds for termination and the protection of confidential information.

For every type of business contract your company may need, you can rely on my law firm for trustworthy advice and bulletproof documents.

Experienced attorney seeks remedies for breaches of contract

A breach of contract occurs when a party fails to fulfill to the obligations they committed to in the agreement. For example, a party might not perform their duties on time or might to perform them in accord with the contractual standards. If your business has been victimized by a breach of contract, I can help you pursue potential legal remedies such as:

  • Specific performance — This is where the court orders the party in breach to complete its duties as listed in the contract.
  • Cancellation and restitution — Other potential remedies include the cancellation of a contract and financial restitution to address the loss precipitated by the other party’s breach.
  • Liquidated damages — Many contracts include language on liquidated damages that require a party in violation of the agreement to pay a certain amount of money to the other side.

Often, a breach of contract can be resolved in out-of-court mediation. When litigation is required, my clients find me to be a tenacious advocate who prioritizes their interests.

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